How to apply for the course

Hi, everybody who wishes to join the suggestopedian course!

To apply for the course you have to send me an e-mail to and answer the questions below: 

1) What is your mother tongue and where are you from?
2) How long have you been living in Finland?
3)  How long have you been studying Finnish? Where and what Finnish courses you have had before? 
4) What is your level in Finnish? If you do not know, what is your level, just describe what you already can in Finnish?
5) How long will you stay in Finland? 
6) Why do you want to take this course?
7) What is your contact phone number?
8) If the group is already full or does not fit with your level in Finnish, I could add your contacts to the mail-list, so you will get all information about next courses. Mention please, if you want to get mails about suggestopedian courses in the future. 

Kristina Salmela

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